[(Amos Gitai: Exile and Atonement)] [Author: Ray Privett] published on (July, 2008)
Cinema Purgatorio #4
Sitting in the theater of Alan Moore's imagination you begin to notice some rather disturbing things. The floors are wet and the seats are tacky and have a noticeable smell of rot. A female usher ... más..
Cinema Purgatorio #7
The screen goes dark and you hear the “tick-tick-tick” of the reel flapping as it whips unchecked around the spool. There’s something horrible in that sound. You still can’t believe what you just watched… but ... más..
Cinema Purgatorio #6
The lights are low and that surreal ticking noise from behind you could be the film reel or something else… As the first images begin to flicker across the screen, you feel the hairs on ... más..


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